Englewood Beach News – What’s Going On In The City?

I was just writing about how news stories are all negative, but then I ran into the search results for Englewood Beach news. There were a couple of headlines about the city’s name change. There were also sad news headlines, and I will get to one of those in just a minute. First, let’s look more closely at that news headline about the name change for the city of Englewood Beach.

The name change was actually for the city to change its name to Englewood Beach, and it happened this past summer. That was a very positive news story, and it was related to the growth of the tourism industry. The next news story and headline that grabbed me was an accident on the road that left 4 people dead and five injured. It was a tragic headline, and there were others. I mentioned before that if you search the news, that’s often what you get.

The accident that was in the news involved a group of four college age guys that were in an Audi and ran through a stop sign. A family from Kentucky with kids was traveling on the road that intersected with the stop sign. The family was fine, but all were transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

The Audi with the four guys became engulfed in flames upon impact, and all four of them died. It’s a sad story. There were other headlines for Englewood Beach, but those were two of the main ones. Englewood is now known as Englewood Beach, and that should mean big business for the area. So Englewood Beach is proud of that move, and I’m sure that there will be many great news stories. As I mentioned before, it’s not that there aren’t positive news stories, but there are usually negative ones always on top for many reasons.